5 minutes of

5 minutes of | April

Lately I've been wishing away the weeks because I am so ready for summer. I am ready for having all of my boys at home and not dealing with the school rush. And I am oh so ready to jump into some summer bucket list adventures (more on that later!). But these last weeks of the school rush are our reality right now, so I decided to document it. There are dishes to be done. There are lunches and coffee to be made. The lunches and coffee are forgotten as I remind my distracted kids one more time that they need to get dressed. There is bed head and big feelings. There are backpacks to be packed and hugs and kisses given as we wave goodbye to the older two. And there's always a cold cup of coffee waiting to be reheated when it's all done for another day. So here is 5 minutes of... getting ready for school.


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