5 minutes of

5 minutes of | March

Okay, okay. Yes, more books. What can I say? I love, love, love reading and it makes me so happy that the biggest loves it just as much. There's just something about holding a book to read that I don't think I could ever give up. Plus, my in-laws were visiting over spring break and my mother-in-law (Mamaw) is yet another book lover. So it was basically necessary that we took her to our favorite used bookstore. This bookstore has three levels of books crammed into every nook and cranny, yet the owner still seems to know every single book he has in stock and where it is located. It's truly amazing!

On this visit, the biggest wasted no time directing Mamaw's attention to a set of volumes from the 1800s that he's been talking about since our last visit. I'm not entirely sure why he's drawn to them so much since they are all about the theory of math and would be a very dry read, but he is still pretty determined to own them one day, and that just makes me smile. The younger two spent our visit using the step ladder to explore some higher shelves. They would carefully pull out a book, look at the cover, and then place it back on the shelf. To be honest, I'm just celebrating the fact that they didn't discard all of the books on the floor! So here's 5 minutes of... the coolest used bookstore in the history of ever. Yes, I said it. And I'll try to be inspired by something besides books next month, but I make no promises.


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