5 minutes of

5 minutes of | September

One of our end of summer traditions is to take a long weekend getaway. This year we headed to the other side of the state for a long weekend in St. Louis. It has been three years since we've visited, so we had to make a return stop at City Museum (aka the ultimate playground for both kids and adults). I'm pretty sure that I was more excited than the kids to revisit since last time the littlest was an itty bitty baby and I couldn't climb and slide with him. This time I wasn't about to sit on the sidelines and miss out on all of the fun, so my 5 minutes this month was a shot here or there over the span of an hour. I dare you to go here and try to pause all of the climbing and sliding for five minutes just to take a few pictures. I'm pretty certain it's impossible! So here is 5 (ish ;)) minutes of... City Museum.


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