Story Of A City: A Guide To Street Photography


Are you interested in street photography, but have been too intimidated to try it out yet? This ebook is a great place to start because this isn't your traditional take on street photography! In this 101 paged PDF, I will break down my approach to telling the story of Kansas City. I focus on telling the story of the location, the story of the people, and the story of my own perspective. And by working through this ebook, you will learn how to tell the story of where you live whether or not it is a big city. I walk you through composition, color theory, and storytelling techniques so that your street photography images will tell a stronger story! I walk you through pullbacks of scenes, my though process as I am shooting street photography, and an edit! Also included is a bonus phone photography PDF and my clean color preset for Lightroom that I use on all of my color images. Available for $35!




"I seriously cannot say enough good things about this e-book! If you’ve ever wanted to jump into street photography, but with a personal feel, this is for you. Melissa covers not only the technical aspects of street photography (color theory, composition, light, etc.), but how she incorporates her own unique point-of-view when telling the story of her city. And she walks you through an edit and includes her go-to color preset! I bought the book because Melissa is an amazing photographer, and I wanted to learn ANYTHING from her, but ended up falling in love the idea of street photography. I can’t wait to go exploring (camera in tow, of course)."

-Erin VonRuden Keogh


"Street photography is something that I have always admired from afar. Melissa's ebook was the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with it. She breaks everything down and gives great detail behind each image, gives great tips and suggestions. This book will make you want to jump in the car and start exploring."

- Courtney Rust - The Rusty Lens