Just Another Light Source: A Guide To Shooting In Available Artificial Light

Do you find yourself avoiding picking up your camera when life happens in artificial light? Like those moments right before bedtime or when the sun sets way early in the winter? Well, make a point to say “No more!” to missing those moments just because you were told to avoid artificial light! Melissa will walk you through how to approach available artificial and mixed light as just another light source. She will give you the confidence, inspire you, and break down how to use available artificial or mixed light in your images!  In the colorful 104-paged PDF and over 20 minutes of editing videos, you will learn how to be confident in choosing your white balance and exposure when shooting, how to see and use many different types of light from artificial light, and how to edit your images to get proper white balance and pleasing skin tones. Plus you will receive Melissa’s clean color preset for Lightroom! All for only $30!



"Let’s be honest, I’m choosey and cheap when it comes to where I spend my photography dollars, I get it from my father’s side. Is there really something new? Uhm. This. This is worth every penny. I tend to put down my camera around sunset, but this inspired me to look beyond that. Melissa’s work is beautiful, her images are so inspiring, but most of all she took the fear out of it. She removes that naysaying voice in my head that says, “don’t take that photo, it won’t be good”, because it CAN be good! I’ve read it twice. I have kept shooting long after the sun goes down, or brought my camera indoors. Thank you Melissa, seriously."

-Courtney Rust - The Rusty Lens


"I’m pretty comfortable shooting with artificial light, but still learned a great deal from this book! The section on mixed lighting and setting white balance for mixed lighting was especially helpful. Melissa explains her process in such a clear and concise way that I had no problem applying some of her tips to my shooting right away. She includes a ton of beautiful examples of a myriad of different types of artificial light that makes the concepts laid out in this book easy to grasp.  Her editing videos are also extremely insightful and useful!"  

-Kayla Maltese - Kayla Maltese Photography


"As an avid 365er, I usually do not look forward to the months of November – March when I have nothing but artificial light to shoot with. 
Melissa’s ebook  “Just another light source” gave me easy to follow, step by step instruction on how to tackle even the most difficult artificial lighting situations and shoot them confidently!  Melissa’s thought process on how she executes her images was especially invaluable to me - as a long time admirer of her work - it's wonderful to have her detailed explanations on how she got a particular shot.    This 104 page ebook is filled with beautiful images, plenty of inspiration and wonderful creative exercises to keep me shooting throughout the dark and dreary days of winter!!!"

-Kristina Dominianni - Hello Olivia Photography


"Melissa’s ebook on using available artificial light is completely inspiring. As someone who shoots primarily documentary work in my own home, I almost always end up putting my camera away on dark cloudy days or after the sun goes down- which leads to so many missed moments! This book is packed with information, tips, and techniques that gave me both the knowledge and the courage to step out of my natural light box and start shooting at any time of day under a variety of lighting conditions. When I first started learning photography, I began to see the world in a whole different way. Melissa’s book has opened my eyes a second time to the beauty and potential of all the light that surrounds us and has motivated me to be bold with when and where I shoot, no matter what the light is like. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to master shooting and editing all the different types of light you may encounter!"

-Liz DeGroff - Four Dots Photography


"Do you put your camera away when the overhead lights come on? Then you are missing some amazing moments! Melissa turns the unfamiliar world are artificial lighting in our environment into an easy to read ebook! She hits the basics of exposure and white balance but focuses them on the topic of artificial lighting. She breaks down an array of images shot in different artificial light and how they were created."

- Karen Osdieck - Karen Osdieck Photography


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