ordinary moments

summer bucket list

I am a huge fan of summer! I always have been. My childhood summer days and evenings were spent outside running through the sprinkler. Or swinging and seeing how high I could go before I would jump off into the soft grass. Or even riding my bike all over the neighborhood while eating the blue ice pops. And it never hurt that my birthday is during the summer. Even though I'm now in my thirties, I still feel the tug of summer adventures. I can hear the s'mores, fireflies, warm rains, and amusement parks all beckoning me. I love the break from the morning school rush. And most of all, I love the chance to have all three of my boys home all day with no obligation except making some childhood memories for them.

This year, we put together a summer bucket list. We are going to complete as much on this list as we possibly can, and I am going to document it with my iPhone and my Fujifilm x100f. I want to encourage to create your own summer bucket list, too! You can use our list or you can make your own. But the important thing is to get out there and experience the magic of summer adventures!


Watch sharks swim at the aquarium
Ride roller coasters
Take the boys to the beach for the first time
Spend the day swimming
Visit the zoo
Take the boys camping for the first time
Go fishing
Fly a kite
Visit the science center
Spend a day park hopping
Sparklers // fireworks
Play in the rain
Go to the movies
Visit dinosaurs at the natural history museum
Be inspired at the art museum
Go on a weekend getaway
Get lost in the library
Go for ice cream before dinner
Berry picking
Explore the farmer's market

Have a picnic
Visit a farm
Play in the hose
Eat watermelon
Wash the cars
Play flashlight tag
Catch fireflies
Plant some seeds
Water balloon fight
Climb a tree
Bike rides while eating popsicles
Have an opposites day
Dress as our favorite book characters
Do an at home science experiment
Learn about other countries and cultures
Make a passport to keep track of those countries
Have a family game night
Make a flip book
Bake something new
Create with recycled materials