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why, hello there

why, hello there!

I'm Melissa!

week 35-social.png

I create stories. I live in Kansas City, MO with my husband, Tim, and our three boys. Yep, I'm the only girl. Nope, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love getting lost in a good book. I firmly believe there is still something magical about being able to hold a book and turning actual pages. My all time favorite series is Harry Potter. My eight year old is currently reading through the series with me and it just about makes my heart burst!

Tim and I are foodies. Our kids are not. They pretty much scoff at the notion of trying all sorts of food. They would opt to eat mac and cheese for every meal if we would let them. I kind of get it, though. I feel the same way about pork belly, brown butter, and fancy chocolate. But we really don't know where we went wrong when only the eight year old loves BBQ.


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Hey! My name is
 Image by  Angee .

Image by Angee.